The Day After – Post Father’s Day

With the journey started, and the dreams so close, Monday starts the back to work grind were I am torn in 100 different directions, putting out fires, escalating issues, guiding team members, catchup on 200+ emails, and meeting after meeting.  So did I eat anything? Well I was able to grab a banana and some water before I left which is a huge step for me considering I dont ever eat breakfast.  Dont think I ate any lunch so not a great start from a nutrition perspective.


~ John


p.s. I worked out in the garage tonight instead of running to give my legs a rest.  Decided to do some bicep curls with free weights and tricep extensions and some standing military presses.  Following, I attempted to start learning how to hit a speed back followed by tackling the heavy bag.  About 30 minutes total and not much weight, but I sure was beat.

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